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119 countries around the world

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latest news

Commercial ads on Radio Magico.
Radionomy gives us a free radio station and they are entitled to put commercial ads during our music program.
We do not have any control over the ads (if no ads are passing in your country, a short piece of soft music will play instead).
We are aware that many may be disturbed but we cannot do anything.
We are looking to create our own web radio that will be totally under our control.
Meanwhile, we all have to deal with this situation.
Thank you for your understanding.

itunesRadio Magico is listed in the Internet Radio section of iTunes.
Go to the folder Religious and look for Radio Magico. If you do not see Internet Radio in iTunes you need to check the box in Preferences.

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daily program

Music to practice yoga, taichi, qi gong, 5 tibetans etc. or to wake-up softly...

9:00 - 13:30: HEART & SOFT MUSIC
Mix of heart songs, mantras and easy listening songs and music.

13:30 - 18:00: STAY ZEN!
A mix of soft music to stay zen, peaceful and centered.

18:00- 20:45: EASY GOING…
Mix of soft, meditative music and international songs.

20:45 - 22:00: MUSIC FOR TANTRA
Music to relax or to practice Tantra.

22:00 - 23:00: MUSIC TO DANCE!
One hour of dancing music.

23:00 - 5:30: ZEN AND HEART MUSIC
A big Mix of soft and light rhythm music and international songs.

5:30 - 6:30: MUSIC TO DANCE!
One hour of dancing music.

Time indicated is Central European Time

Radio Magico broadcasts 24 hours of music for relaxation and meditation,
chill-out, mantras, international songs,
music from the world of Osho, dancing music...

Radio Magico is listened in 119 countries around the world!
Put the mouse over your country in the map below to calculate
what part of the daily program is running now in your time zone.

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