Frequently Asked Questions

Where and at what time can I listen to the radio?

Radio Magico broadcasts 24 hours around the world. All you need is an internet connection, the better the connection the better the lsitening experience.
A web radio is a radio station that broadcasts on the Internet through the streaming technology (audio stream).

How to get the best listening quality for radio Magico?

To listen to the web radio, you use the Radio player on our home page.
If you ever have any problems with the streaming stability of the Radionomy player, you can also use an audio player such as Winamp, iTunes or Real Audio, etc. In the player you open a new audio stream, and you just copy the following address:

Can I listen to Radio Magico on my iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad or another smartphone?

Yes, absolutely. There are many free radio Apps like '' available in App Store for iOS and Play store for Android. Once installed, you search for radio Magico and you play.

Is this web radio legal?

Yes absolutely! It belongs to the platform Radionomy (Belgium) who works with servers OVH (France) which is the 5th largest hosting in the world.
The music royalty fees are paid directly by Radionomy under the terms of the contract.
Through this web radio we want to encourage listeners to buy music legally to support the artists who live from their music.
Most of the albums you hear on radio Magico are available to buy on iTunes, amazon, etc.

How to put Radio Magico in your site or blog?

1. You can put a link towards our website
2. You can get an exportable player from this page

What to do if the radio does not work or stops suddenly?

Refresh the page in your browser, then click again to start.
With winamp or iTunes etc, stop and start again to reactivate the stream.
Sometimes technical problems may occur on the server, just a bit of patience and the stream will come back.

Can we pause the radio without closing it?

Yes you can, just click at the center of the player. When you want to listen again, before to hit play again, it is better to refresh the page in your browser to get back to the live stream.

How to operate the player of Radio Magico?

Simply click the center of the player. As long as you keep the page open, the radio will function.
Clicking on the middle icon at the top right corner (small box and arrow) a player will open in a pop-up window for more convenient listening time.

Do I need to have speakers?

You can use the speakers built into your computer. If they are not present, there are many types of high quality speakers to plug into your computer or via bluetooth.