If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are.
Meditation is the way to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness. On this page you will find easy and short meditations to practice whenever you want. It will give you a break and a taste of meditation.

Vipassana Meditation

vipassana meditation

10 minutes meditation, use the audio player after the instructions.

Sit in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and breathe normally. Stay motionless as much as possible, change your posture only when necessary.
The word Vipassana means "seeing things as they are."
This meditation technique is to "observe", "to be a witness"
of all what is happening inside and outside you.
Created by Gautama the Buddha, Vipassana is about watching your breath, in the belly ((belly going up and down) ) or in the nostrils (incoming and outgoing breath). You also watch at the same time your physical sensations, thoughts and emotions.

In Vipassana, nothing is considered a distraction. In other words, when something occurs (a thought, an emotion, a judgment ...) you cease to observe your breath, and bring your attention to the event until you can return to your breath.
The essential point is watching and not what you are watching.
Simply stay present, alert and relaxed.
This Vipassana meditation will last 10 minutes and will end with a gong.

The soft music played during the meditation is from the album Pure - Praful Mystik

Laughing Meditation

8 minutes meditation, use the audio player after the instructions.

Many people might be surprised to think of laughter as a form of meditation. Yet not only is laughing meditation one of the simplest forms of meditation, but also it is a very powerful one. The physical act of laughing is one of the few actions involving the body, emotions, and the soul. When we laugh, we give ourselves over to the immediacy of the present moment. We also are able to momentarily transcend minor physical and mental stresses.
Practiced in the morning, laughing meditation can lend a joyful quality to the entire day.

There are 2 stages :
- 3 minutes of pure laughter.
- 5 minutes of silence. With soft music in the background, close your eyes and enjoy the moment. During these 5 minutes soft music will play along.

Gibberish or No-mind Meditation

7 minutes meditation, use the audio player after the instructions.

It is a short meditation, about 7 minutes.
First stage : Gibberish
While sitting, close your eyes and begin to say nonsense sounds – any sounds or words, so long as they make no sense. Just speak any language that you don't know! Allow yourself to express whatever needs to be expressed within you. Throw everything out. Let your body likewise be expressive.

Second stage : Going inwards
After some minutes, the Gibberish stops, Close your eyes & be silent. Go inwards, deeper and deeper, just like an arrow.
There will be a soft music playing.
A gong will inform you of the end of the meditation.