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Since March 2011 we put here all CDs we add (chosen tracks) to keep giving you new music on Radio Magico.


March 13th, 2017

We Will Abide by Jamie St Clair

February 22nd, 2017

- Gebo by Massimo Kyo Di Nocera

January 10th & 19th, 2017

- Satsang by Shastro
- Infinite Joy by Jacotte Chollet


December 28th, 2016

- Resonance by Peter Kater
- Shakti Sutra by Sheela Bringi
- Openings by Nick Decesare
- Stellar Connection by Elea
- Expoloring Stratosphere by Elea
- Magical Fantasy Flute by Isadar
- Divine Music for Meditation by Avi Adir & Atmani
- Divine a lev songs by Diwan Project
- Life Sometimes by Sarah Dukes
- Série Música no Museu - Hebraico Rio by Luz Cristalina & Prem Ramam
- Clube Hebraico Rio by Prem Ramam & Amigos
- Gong Bath by Swann

November 10th, 2016

- Ailleurs by Scotch & Sofa
- Par petits bouts by Scotch & Sofa

October 29th, 2016

- Journey Home by Parijat

October 24th, 2016

- White Sun II by White Sun

September 10th and 25th

- Amour Plénitude by Jean-Marc Staehle
- Oniros by ELEA
- La Pureté de l’Esprit by Michel Pépé

July 23rd, 2016

- Je te donne ma parole by Claude Brame
- Le champ des mantras vol. 1 + vol. 2 by Claude Brame
- Erica Jennings - Leading Me Home
- Winter Collections by Dimitri
- Keepsakes in the Attic by Jeff Bjorck
- The goddess by Amiya Inspiration
- all Related by Nessi Gomes
- Songs for the Master by Dhyan Pradeep
- Lunar Mantras by Govind Das & Radha
- La Consciencia de Ser and Samambaia by Pierre Stocker
- Into Being by Praful
- Quintessence by Praful & Sika
- Om For Yoga by Satyaa & Pari with Praful
- BlissedArt by Raphaël Pinel & Edmund Held
- Celestial doorways by Bharamji and Swann
- Sparkling Forest by Izaak Hypnotizer
- Dancing Blossoms by Inner Ji
- Kumharas Ibiza Vol.5 & Vol. 6 Compiled by SWANN​
- Dance section:​ ​
* Shaman's Return by Rishi & Harshil​

June 29th, 2016

- Eigth Winds by Bob Arden
- Bridge to Vallabha by Tina Malia
- Timeless Love by Paul Vens
- Dance section:
* Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) [feat. Jasmine Thompson] by Felix Jaehn
* Another Day in Paradise by Remady & Manu L
* Are You With Me (Radio Edit) by TBM
* Reality (feat. Janieck Devy) by TBM
* Take Shelter by Years & Years

April 10th, 2016

- Waves of Love by Nadama

March 6th, 2016

- Surrender by Kunda
- All I Can Be by Paul Wheeler

February 13th, 2016

- So Intensified by Dimitri K, feat. John Valeri, guitar
- The White Lake by Paul Vens

February 1st, 2016

- Sensuous Chill by Yanni
- The Sound of Love by Evguenia Ratsouk & Philippe Di Mascio
- Lunar Mantras by Govind Das & Radha
- Shaman’s Return by Rishi & Arshil

January 1st, 2016

- The Invitation, Songs inspired by Rumi by Prayan
- Mantra Sessions by Bosse Skoglund and Zilverzurf
- Angels Forest by Jef Mounet
- Atlantis Trilogy : Brave new world by Robert Slap
- Music for sex and meditation by Wivajoy
- Under the Stars by Joanne Lazzaro
- The Ascent by Amy Faith
- Nature 3 - Trompette relaxation mélodique by Ted


November 19th, 2015

- From Inside Out by Jiven Nithaya
- Nostra Libertà by Massimo Kyo Di Nocera
- In My Quiet Place by Jiven Nithaya
- Vagues d’Amour by Jean-Marc Staehle

October 24th, 2015

- Presence, a Collection by various artists New Earth Records
- Planet Love by Sudha
- In her Name by Sudha
​- Chants for Meditation by Omneity
- Continuum by SacredFire
- "Come, whoever you are” Rumi’s Poem by Prayan
- Safe In Your Arms by Scott Cossu
- Africa Moo Baalu by Sousou & Maher
- OMniP​resent by The Love Keys
- Mango by The Love Keys
- Leelaa by The Love Keys
- Blessings by The Love Keys
- Red moon + Terra e Cielo by Igor Ezendam & Arianna Artioli
- Aqua Quartet by Luis Paniagua
- Basswalla By Adham Shaikh
- DownTemple Dub_ Remixed by Desert Dwellers

September 15th, 2015

- Illumination of the Heart by Deuter
- Nanda Devi by Hans Christian


July 20th, 2015

- Mantrâme by Arnaud Riou & Rico Peron

July 1st, 2015

- Songs for the Sangha by Deva Premal & Miten with Manose
- The Road by Avasa & Matthew Love
- Shakti Guitar by Stevin McNamara
- Heart of the Shamans by Liquid Bloom
- Flute Flight by Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland
- La couleur des jours by Philippe Wauman
- Meis Disciples track by Stim.junkeez + Sebastianhead

June 15th, 2015

- Bhakti Without Borders by Madi Das
- Inner voice by Karolina Beyond
- Nature Bohême by Ted Scotto
- After the rain François Couture
- Argo by François Couture
- Dal Segno by François Couture
- Ground Ferry by François Couture
- Ludovica by François Couture
- Qallunak by François Couture
- Tape Speed by François Couture
- 10 moments by Rebecca NAKATA
- La suite foraine by Trio Beau soir

May 24th, 2015

- Mystic Voyage by Deuter
- Evasion by Damien Dubois
- Sangita Yoga by Naren
- Sagesse by Stéphane Ayrault

April 22nd, 2015

- Saint Of Sin by Peter Ries
- Peace of Mind by Manish Shrestha
- Trout Ribs by Carey Moore
- Mandala by John Calvert
- Come L'acqua by Madhuro
- In love and Silence by Madhuro
- Unconditional by Alexandra Gabriel
- Divas & Devas by Dave Stringer
- Gaja Nana by Dave Stringer
- Mâlâ by Dave Stringer
- Brink by Dave Stringer
- Elixir by Dave Stringer & Donna de Lory & Joni Allen
- Sing a Mantra by Massimo Di Nocera
- Golden Heart by Anna Taj
- Under Water by Sukhino
- Féminine élégance by Sukhino
- I be a goddess and other stories by Anungla and Holder
- Across the sea of life by Jivatman
- Tout va de travers by Juliette Katz
- Surya (mantras) by Nadaka & Gopika

January 31st, 2015

- Reiki Hands Of Love by Deuter
- Enlightened Dreams by George Famelis

January 27th, 2015

- Zen Moments by Shastro & Raphael
- Shaman Earth Dance by Nanda Re
- Drum Travel by James Asher & Sandeep Raval

malimba music




December 26th, 2014

- Flutes of Grace by Rasa
- Remix by DJ Kareem Raihani
- Bow To You Waheguru by Manika Kaur
- Enchantment & Heart Strings by Pradeep and Mutriba
- Save your mind by Avnei hahoshen

December 12th, 2014

- Sweet Awakenings by Terry Oldfield
- Midnight Rhumba by Johannes Linstead
- Spirits by Erik Scott
- Mind, Heart, Fingers by Trevor Gordon Hall

November 24th, 2014

- Save your mind by Avnei - Hahoshen
- Mantras on the Dance floor by Kareem Raihani and David Lurey
- Lost and Found by Tanmayo

October 31st, 2014

- Be the light by Shastro
- Music for Meditation by Malimba Artists
- Songs for the Golden Age by Ravi
- Gurudeva by Satsong
- One Love by Nitya & Ninad
- Ocean Within by Nadama
- Fall Collection by Dimitri K
- Là où l'on va by Bruno Bazinet
- Nomadic Love by Raphael & Shakya
- The Gift by Laura Topper
- Vibrations by Orâma
- The Tantra of Truth by Darren Austin Hall
- Beauty of Silence by Singing Buddhas
- Mandala by Ney Angelis
- Timeless by Neorus
- Lovers night by Shastro
- Daughter of the Mountain by Suzin Green
- Kio (Esistenza) by Massimo Di Nocera
- Dust at your feet by Tanmayo
- Sanctuary III Beyond the Dream by Sherry Finzer
- Music for Massage by Malimba Artists
- In her name by Sudha

October 1st, 2014

- Ambient Alchemy by Steven Halpern and Michael Diamond
- Songs of a Siren by Lea Longo

September 1st, 2014

- Kashi by Prem Joshua & Chintan
- Thoughts of Tomorrow by Uwe Gronau
- Light of the Naam by Snatam Kaur
- Ayahuasca Dreams by Ciro Hurtado
- Moksha by Ray Spiegel Ensemble
- The Gathering II by Various Musicians produced by Will Ackerman

July 15th, 2014

- Plain Tales from Poona by Bindu
- Winds of Samsara by Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman

June 21st, 2014

- Shivoham by Manish Vyas
- Ritual by Peter Kater and R.Carlos Nakai
- The Tao of Homeopathy by Ian Watson
- Life Under Stars by Carl Weingarten
- Kirtan Aid by Sat Nam Foundation with various artists
- By a Wire by Jennifer DeFrayne
- Le coeur du pitre by Ali Lham
- Maison brulée by Gilles Farcet & Pascal Pourré
- L'Homme de l'Ombre by Gilles Farcet
- Sketches from an Island by Mark Barrot

March 18th, 2014

- Let Your Heart sing by Narayani
- Kundalini Yoga Mantras Vol. 2 by Satyaa
- The Healing Path by Parijat
- Call of the Mountains by Masako
- Kama Sutra Lounge: compilation arranged by Ricky Kej
- Mystic Poets Of India by Chinmaya Dunster & Sandeep Srivastav
- Shanti by Shanti (Goan Band)
- By the Third Sea by Vincent Coudert
- The Road of Hasekura Tsunenaga by Rodrigo Rodríguez

January 18th, 2014

- River Serene by Thimothy Wenzel
- Elixir by Yang Ying
- Nocturnes by Dan Chadburn

January 2nd, 2014

- Love from Rumi Vol. 1 + 2 by Hanguman
- Novella by Andre Feriante
- Redemption by Paul Spaeth
- Get Tribal by God of Drum
- NOW by Laura Topper
- Jai Ma mantra songs by Nitya and Ninad
- Tender paradise by Mirek
- Free as the Wind by Alexandra Cherrington
- Deeper than the sea by Evolve

zen moments


December 30th 2012

- Body & Soul by Devakant
- Lounge Feelings by Sambox
- Inside it...for ever by Devakant
- The way Home by Devakant
- Circle of Light by Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa
- Berceuses et legendes de brocéliande - Label Prikosnovénie
- Songs from Bed by Arnavah
- Live concerts by La 'tit fanfare
- Anurachala & Chameaux by Bissap
- Live mantras by Kadamba
- Cologne Satsang Music by Cologne Satsang Band Vol 1 + Vol 3 + vol 4
- Legends of Panipur by Indigo Masala
- Peace love and joy by Yogendra
- Awakened Senses by Andre Pabarciute
- Lehitoher by Michael Greilsammer
- Indus reverb by Sitar sonic
- Jay Ma from Nitya & Ninad (mantras)

December 14th 2012

- Love Is A Four Letter Word by Jason Mraz
- Light Body by Peter Kater

October 25th 2012

- Colors of the East by Karunesh
- Beyond The Turning by Heidi Anne Breyer
- Tales of a Gypsy by Johannes Linstead

September 1st 2012

- Deep Alpha by Steven Halpern
- Sacred Dreams by Tron Syversen
- Touched By the Sun by Todd Boston
- The Gathering by a new generation of musicians produced by Will Ackerman

June 19th 2012

- BEEing Human by Mark Bruland
- Reconstructed, solo piano by Isadar
- Légende by Alexandre Dudermel
- El Dorado by Luna Blanca

May 21st 2012

- Sharanam from Sudha & Maneesh de Moor
- Dansons et C'est un Slow de Patrick Edène
- Prise de Conscience et Chanter la Bretagne et Olivier Rech
- Angelika and Golden from Muriel
- Presence de KoolSax
- Divaneh from Bharamji & Mashti
- Un Piano dans la mer et Vue sur Mer de Damien Dubois
- Same Pulse from George Famelis
- Mantras Songs by Nitya & Ninad

May 1st 2012

- Awakened Earth by Mirabai Ceiba
- Drumming for Elements by Nanigo
- Tribute to the Ancestors by Janel
- Shanda Ugarike by Matemai Mbira Group
- Natural Kai by Nyma Project
- The Kingdom by Catherine Braslavsky
- Inhale slowly (radio mix) by Tim White & Joe Paulino
- Giving Voice by Rich Osborn

March 1st 2012

- Awakening by Dan Blanchard
- Our Sacred Earth by Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound
- Golden by Muriel
- Angelica by Muriel
- Chants From The Holy Caves by Turiya Nada
- Elevation by Brigitte Kashtan
- Madboojah Project by Madboojah
- Singing Sangha (live) by Anadi & friends

Februrary 1st 2012

- Peaceful Journey by Tron Syversen
- Time Rider by Uwe Gronau

January 7th 2012

- A Woman's Journey by Kym
- Avalon Moon by Bridget McMahon
- Mediterranean Islands - Spiritual Journeys of the World by Andreas
- Healing Woman by Lila Mayi
- Spirits Of The Moon by France Ellul
- Promise by Paul Vens
- Venice - Spiritual Journeys of the World by Andreas
- Opus 8 & 9 by Will Dorf
- Children BEYOND by Regula Curti, Tina Turner & Dechen Shak-Dagsay
- Métamorphée by Vanessa Gerkens
- Reiki Healing Waves by Parijat
- Retour de voyages imaginaires by Jeff Delachez
- Salvados del Olvido by Los Incas
- Embrace The Spirit by Nawal
- Intentions by Yves Mesnil
- Voyages by Françoise Bourzat
- Silk Road Lounge by Fabrice Tonnellier
- A new Horizon by Jose Luis Serrano Esteban


app radio magico



November 24th, 2013

- Open Sky by David Nevue
- Perfect Imperfection by Tom Carleno
- Flight 14 by Uwe Gronau
- Night Visions by Luna Ray
- Dépaysage by François Serre
- Sadhu by Julien Pouget
- What the Winter Said by Kathryn Kaye
- Douceur Infinie by Jean-Marc Staehle

October 27th, 2013

- Cello Circles by Kalyan & Sambodhi Prem
- 1-2-1 by Satyaa, Pari and Mira
- Quiétude by Fabrice Tonnellier
- Golden by Muriel
- The house of Samsara by Papillon mystique
- Shared Moments, Rethymnon, Un ange passe by Christophe Delvallé
- Au Fond de Soi by Stéphane Stas
- Natsukashi by Kohrogi san

October 1st, 2013

- Meditation Ragas by Chinmaya Dunster
- Dream Time by Deuter
- Liquid Cello by Kalyan
- Soul Weaver by Kalyan
- Twilight Serenade by Peter Sterling
- Shanti Orchestra by Ricky Kej
- Yogini by Patrick Bernard

September 15th, 2013

- Past to Presence by Steven C
- Reality of the Fantasy by James Sera
- Primordial Sonics by David Vito Gregoli
- Mzansi by Wouter Kellerman
- Dreaming of Now by Shambu

August 20th, 2013

- Deep Theta 2.0 by Steven Halpern
- Mirror of the Heart by Praful
- HiTech Roots by Kareem Raihani

August 10th, 2013

- Awakening by Stephen DeRuby
- Dancer and the Moon by Blackmore's night
- Transformation by Sherry Finzer & Darin Mahoney
- 600 years in a Moment by Fiona Joy Hawkins
- Contrastes by Adam S. Callejon, Pandit Barunkumar Pal and guests
- Light of Aluna by Anima
- First Light by Craig Urquhart

May 28th, 2013

- Reiki Music by Ney Angelis
- Par Petits Bouts by Scotch & Sofa

May 20th 2013

- Hidden Journey by Scott August
- The Blue Rose by Al Conti
- Intuition by Dan Kennedy
- River Flow by Catherine Marie Charlton
- Dragon Fly by Terra Guitarra
- Masako by Masako
- The Luminous Pearl by Lia Scallon

the road

April 1st 2013

- Meditation Music Reiki Music by Ney Angelis
- Wave of Light by Olivier Olsen

March 10th 2013

- Crown in the Sky by Lis Addison
- Grace: Music for Healing and Meditation by Deuter, Anugama, Kamal, Parijat, Al Gromer Khan
- Sensations by Alessandro Rusconi
- Prayer to Love by Parijat
- Dancing Hearts by Sundaram

March 8th 2013

- Chimes of the Spirit by Acoustic Ocean
- Musique d'Harmonisation by Jean-Marc Staehle
- Songs of the Goddess by Annette Cantor
- Rumbadoodle by Arun Shenoy
- A Coalescence of Dreams by Timothy Wenzel
- Secrets of Water by OM Prakash & Chandira

February 12th 2013

- Peace is Here by The Atmospheres
- Love is Wild by Atmo & Bharti
- Visions by Uwe Gronau
- The Maiden of Stonehenge by Michael Brant DeMaria
- Love's River by Laura Sullivan
- Heart of the Universe by Peter Kater and Snatam Kaur
- Between the Shores of our Souls by Mirabai Ceiba
- Pianoforte by Timothy Crane
- Ocean Sounds by Fyah Walk
- Sunrise Red by Fyah Walk
- If by Chris Birkett


December 1st 2011

- Paradise Chillout mixed by Helios
- Magickal Nights by Andreas
- India - The Rain Garden by Chris Conway
- Zorba & Buddha Together Again by Sarmad
- Open by Paul Vens & Friends

November 11th 2011

- Gaia's Garden by Chinmaya Dunster
- Return of the Tiger by James Asher
- Empty Sky by Deuter
- Beyond by Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay & Regula Curti
- Healing Sound Journey by Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati
- Opus 11 by Will Dorf
- Dancing Lightly by Ashik
- House of the Beloved by Maniko
- Traveling Home 1+ 2 by Eidan Raichel
- Pilgrim Heart by Krishna Das
- L'essentiel by Alabina
- Colibri Heart Ecstatic by Guy Barrington & Praful
- Divaneh by Bahramji and Mashti
- Intégration, Le Grand Soi, Reliance by Bernard Tabanous

October 8th 2011

- Shiatsu Gold by Llewellyn
- Celtic Fire by Govannen
- Reiki River by Niall
- An Audience of Angels by Llewellyn
- Revelations by Maya
- Celtic Woman by Bridget McMahon
- River of Live by Chris Conway
- Gypsy Woman by Lila Mayi
- Tantric Love by Llewellyn
- Pure by Praful Mystic
- Where Spirits Live by Praful Mystic
- We Are One by Red Fulka
- Here I Am, Beloved by Peruquois & Praful
- Breathing Love by Peruquois & Praful

October 1st 2011

- Spectrum by Hennie Bekker
- Voyage Intérieur by Philippe Lefèvre
- Carried Away by Janice Faber
- Vox by Andreas Volleweider
- Reverência Pela Vida by Anand Taza
- Therapy by Anand Taza
- Reiki concert by Anand Taza
- In the Lite of Things by Eddie Gip Noble
- Top 100 Dance Hits by Various Artists

September 15th 2011

- Password by Deva Premal

September 1st 2011

- Hotel Paradise Del Mar by Various Artists
- Earth Voyage by Joseph Sullinger
- Folk Reggae Love by JF MIke
- Daydreams by Milarepa
- Wood by Atmo Lars Lindvall
- Hello ! "Life is breath" by Atmo Lars Lindvall
- Lehitorer by Michael Greilsammer
- Didgeridoo Fola by Jyoti et Nagwal
- A special tune of my own by Sassi Keshet
- Footprints on the water by Rama Meir Suissa
- Music & Songs from Hawaii
- Rasa Lila, the dance of the beloved by Subways Bhaktis
- Marasim (Gazal) by Jagjit Singh-Gulzar
- Together (Gazal) by Jagjit Singh
- Five Fingers, Music from the world of Osho
- Dance your way to god, Music from the world of Osho
- Yoga Lounge by Chinmaya Dunster & Niladri Kumar
- Frontières by Yannick Noah
- Sutras of the heart, compilation
- Madre Terra by Massimo Di Nocera
- More Than Words by Kevin Kern
- The Devoured Man by Ola Onabule
- Crystal Keys by Lia Scallon
- Le Feu Sacré par Ila Potvin
- Mezo Chillout Mix by Elation

August 1st 2011

- Air by Andreas Vollenweider
- Chansons pour la Terre by Alma Earth
- Tajna by Marina Stanton
- ...And Love Rages On! by AOMUSIC
- Nova Luna by Alexandre Dudermel
- Musiq à Respirer by Claude Yvans & Danou
- L'Archange du Soleil by Michel Pépé
- Royal Swan by Sadhya

June 18th 2011

- Autumn Sky by Blackmore's Night
- Samsara by David Thomas

June 1st 2011

- Forget Your Limitations by Rishi and Harshil

May 16th 2011

- Circle Of Light by Gyan Marcos
- Surrender by Satyaa and Pari
- Secret Kiss by Satyaa and Pari
- Mukti by Satyaa and Pari
- To the One by Satyaa and Pari
- Kora Colours by Ravi
- Pilgrim Heart by Krishna Das
- Laughing Drums - Music from the world of Osho

April 30th 2011

- Truth of Touch by Yanni
- Mystery of Light by Deuter
- Yoga Lounge by Chinmaya Dunster & Niladri Kumar
- Offerings by Parijat
- Temple of Love by Rasa
- Sutras of the Heart Milarepa, Peter Makena.
- Together, Jagjit Singh
- Eurovision Song "There Must Be Another Way", Noa & Mira Awad
- Reiki Flow by Terry Oldfield
- Celtic Spirit by Terry Oldfield
- First Melancholy, Then The Night Strech by Rick Cutler
- Sweet Emptiness by Madhuro
- Through the Autumn Light by Robert Linton
- Moonlight's Sonata by Michael Dulin
- A Moment Between Eternities by Louis Colaiannia

March 30th 2011

- Strange Angels by Laurie Anderson
- Kundalini Airport
- Love from the Seed to the flower Ashvabodhi & Raj
- Magnificence, Peter Makena
- Luminous Secrets by Prem Joshua & Band
- Songs for Japan by Various Artists
- Daughters Of Light by Paul Vens & Friends
- Words in Time by Paul Vens & Friends
- Gold and Wax by Gigi
- The Essence of Deep Forest by Deep Forest
- Bombay by Bombay Dub Orchestra
- Buddha Bar 10 years
- Prophesy by Nitin Sawhney
- Songs of the Soul, the Music of Sri Chinmoy by Various Artists

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